Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Love List Number Four!

Happy Monday everyone!

It is beautiful, and very warm here in Seattle. I hope that everyone is staying cool!

Here is my love list for the week!

1. Cucumber water

I've just started drinking cucumber water in the mornings and it is sweet!!

I've been doing this as a replacement to having hot lemon water which is praised by many as a great way to detox and start the day. Unfortunately for me, citrus is a migraine trigger and as such I cannot consume lemon on such a regular basis. So, enter cucumber water!

Mmmm, yummy
This takes very little time to prepare. I have just been slicing cucumber, adding water, and letting it sit overnight. Then when I wake up I have a refreshing, energizing drink waiting for me!

As an added bonus, once I finish all the water I get to munch on the left over cucumbers, which are even more delicious than normal because they are so saturated from the water!

It's almost like the prize at the bottom of the cereal box!
I've also started playing around with this, for example last night I added some mint leaves to the water and man was it good! I think you could pretty much add anything you like! If you are not sensitive to citrus I would imagine a squirt of lemon or lime would be nice and any essential oils would also add a fun twist!

2. New straws and drinking lid

I ordered these from Vegan Cuts to supplement my mason jar collection and make smoothie and tea drinking super fun and easy!

This lid fits any small mouth canning jar, instantly making it a handy drinking cup! I also got three stainless steel drinking straws and a brush cleaner. What more could I need?!

Indeed, I have found that
"everything taste better out of a glass jar!"
The very entertaining packaging

3. DOMA being ruled unconstitutional and Pride!

Hooray!!!!!! I was so excited to hear that DOMA had been ruled unconstitutional. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year's Pride Parade, but I'm sure it was a ton of fun! I was able to experience all the pride and support there was on capitol hill last week though, it was inspiring!

The banners that were all over Broadway
Me after Pride 2012
4. Weekend trips out of the city

This weekend Morgan, my parents, and I went to our river house in Rimrock Retreat (about 30 min out of Yakima) to get away from the heat in the city and have a relaxing time. On Saturday it seemed to be monsoon season as it thunder-stormed and poured down rain all afternoon and evening. This allowed us to get some things done around the house and play a lot of board games!

Carvings near the house
The Teiton river during a break in the rain
Fog on the river from all the rain
Sunday the weather improved and we got to spend some quality time outside!
 We also stopped on the way home just outside of Rainier National Park at Wapiti Woolies, a clothing and gift store with a coffee shop.

A ski chair!
5. Washington sticker

I found this glittery Washington sticker at Wapiti Woolies. Now I just need to find a spot to put it!

6. New makeup

I went out on a limb and ordered some makeup online from Lush as the store normally located in Westlake center is under renovation and I'm so glad I did! This vegan, cruelty-free, and natural makeup is awesome!!

I got their mascara "Eyes Right" as well as their "Light Pink" color supplement. Next time I can get to a store I also want to try some of their face masks, which look really nice!

Alright! That's a lot of love for the day. I hope that everyone can enjoy the weather and doesn't get too hot, try some cucumber water to stay hydrated!

Happy Monday!


  1. there is a lush store in southcenter now too.

    1. Awesome, thanks for letting me know about that!