Vegan Resources

Here are some vegan resources I have encountered, hopefully they can make your life a little easier or provide you with some inspiration!

(Please note, I am not being compensated by any of these sites or companies to list them here. This is simply a list I have compiled of a variety of resources I have found helpful in the past or think may be helpful to others. As such, I am not responsible for the content of these sites nor do I share all the opinions or beliefs expressed on them.)

  • What is veganism?
    • A nice basic post on about what exactly veganism is! It also includes some more article links at the bottom.
  • Vegan Starter Kit
    • While I actually just found this site and have therefore only explored parts of it, man do I wish I had found this when I first went vegan! There is so much information here, and it is helpful even to someone who has been vegan for over a year.
  • Cruelty-free companies
    • Compiled by the Leaping Bunny Foundation, a list of cruelty-free companies. Ever seen that cute little bunny on a product? This is where that comes from!
  • Pet adoption
    • A site to search for animals to adopt and provide with a loving home, adopt don't shop!
    • Also, five reasons to adopt from the Humane Society of the United States.
  • Vegan clothing, shoes, accessories, and other products
  • Vegan media
  • Vegan Meetups
  • Seattle vegan food
    • My favorites are Arya's Vegetarian Place, Chaco Canyon, Veggie Grill, Jodee's (not listed) and Flying Apron Bakery.
    • Vegan Haven, a vegan grocery store supporting the Pigs Peace Sanctuary.
    • Happy Cow, a search engine to look for vegan and vegan friendly dining and shopping in your area.
  • Vegan Films
    • Vegucated, a documentary following three omnivores who try out a vegan diet for six weeks. I love this film and found it very enjoyable, educational, and relatable without being overly graphic.
    • Earthlings, while I admit I have not brought myself to watch this movie, this film, which is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and features music by Moby, has been praised by many as their reason for going vegan and has had a profound impact on many, many people. Here's more information on their about page. 
    • There are tons of vegan films out there, both short and long, most of which I have not watched. While I think these are great tools for demonstrating the suffering of animals and promoting veganism, they are often too heartbreaking and graphic for me to watch. I have been very strongly affected by the reading I have done about the suffering of animals and by the clips I have seen and so I often cannot bring myself to watch them. If you are so inclined I know that Meet Your Meat as well as What Came Before are referenced as eye opening short films, although please note I cannot personally speak to their effectiveness, quality, or the graphic content contained within them. 
      • All this being said, the graphic images contained in these films are representations of the lives of countless animals exploited every day and are the realities of the meat, dairy, egg, cosmetic, and fashion industries of our society and should not be ignored simply because they are hard to watch. This is how we treat other beings in our society, and it is something I think we should be aware of, whether we learn about it through videos or other outlets. 
  • Vegan festivals and conventions
    • VegFest, there are VegFests all over the country, here's the link for the organization in Washington.
    • Vida Vegan Con, a vegan convention which had it's second convention May, 2013. 
  • Some personal favorites
    • Vegan for Her, I love this book. It provides a comprehensive, research supported, guide to living a healthy vegan life as a woman and is a book I am proud to own. There is also a wonderful online vegan community associated with the book, from which I have received a huge amount of support.
    • Crazy, Sexy, Diet, a fun, lighthearted book with lots of practical advice and information on living a vibrant vegan life. The author of this book, Kris Carr, can also be found here.
    • Oh She Glows, a vegan blog that has been an inspiration for me from the beginning. I can quite honestly say I have never made a bad recipe from this blog and these recipes have had a great response from my non-vegan friends and family.
    • Choosing Raw, another blog favorite of mine. This blog not only includes many amazing recipes but also goes into other issues, such as eating disorder recovery.
    • There is an abundance of vegan blogs out there, many of which I follow and link to on my sidebar. I encourage you to just start exploring! I think that blog reading can be very personal and what speaks to one person may not speak the same way to another. So find the sites that speak to you! I have found so much inspiration and information through the blogs I follow and think it is a wonderful resource and source of community for vegans. 
Do you have any favorite vegan resources? Please feel free to share them below!

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