Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I ate Wednesday #2

Hello! I am back again with another What I ate Wednesday post, the first of which I published last Wednesday!

Today, I'm sharing with you what I ate yesterday, I hope you enjoy!

After getting up I wasn't feeling the need for a full breakfast right away so I instead enjoyed an apple and a cup of decaf green tea.

I later used some more of this green tea in my breakfast to make a green tea mango berry smoothie!

For lunch I had a large salad with a spicy mustard dressing along with a Cheezy Twice Baked Potato.

Yummy yummy!

Later in the afternoon I enjoyed a snack of Beanfields sea salt chips and WayFare's Hickory Cheddar Spread, my favorite vegan snack food!

I also had some delicious kombucha. I tried the cranberry flavor, a new one to me, and really enjoyed it!

For dinner I was feeling like doing some more snacking and more chips and cheddar spread sounded like the perfect thing! I forgot to snap a picture (although you already have a visual from above) but did get some of the roasted cauliflower I enjoyed afterwards! 

I enjoyed my cauliflower with some tahini sauce, one of my new favorite veggie dishes! 

Throughout the day I also enjoyed many cups of tea, my go to beverage when I'm wanting something a bit more interesting than water!

Well there you have it, my day's worth of food! I hope you all eat some tasty meals this Wednesday!

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