Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time for a Coffee Break!

Alright, not really. I don't actually drink coffee. I stopped drinking coffee the same time I went vegan, just over a year ago, ending a very intense and destructive love affair.

After cutting this beverage out of my life I  have discovered that I am actually surprisingly sensitive to caffeine. As of now I can't even have a piece of chocolate too close to bedtime without being up half the night! Over the last school year I even had to cut myself off of black tea because after drinking it every morning at the same time for a couple weeks I began to develop definite withdrawal headaches along with a general feeling of shakiness and heightened anxiety. Thus, caffeine and I are not the best of friends.

However, part of the reason I became so hooked on coffee was that I loved the taste! I wouldn't only drink it because I needed my pick-me-up (although that certainly was the case) but also because I genuinely enjoyed it. So, when I saw Teeccino while visiting Food Fight last weekend, I knew I had to try it!

Teeccino is an herbal coffee that is naturally caffeine free as well as non-acidic. I had heard of this product mentioned favorably by other bloggers but had yet to try it myself and let me say, I have been missing out!

Pre soy-milk

I tried the Dandelion Caramel Nut flavor, one of the two gluten-free varieties available at Food Fight, and it was delicious! I could taste both the caramel and the nut (almond) and really enjoyed how reminiscent the drink was of coffee. It also felt a bit decadent due to the flavors and made me feel like I was really treating myself. Now of course I would be lying if I said it tasted exactly like coffee, because it isn't coffee, but that's something I am totally ok with!

Post soy-milk

I enjoyed my cup of Teeccino with a splash of soy-milk and a side of Green Tea Mint chocolate by Fearless, also purchased at Food Fight, and with a nectarine. It was a delightful snack!

Look at how cute the wrapping is!

The bite out of the chocolate represents how
much of the proceeds from the bar are donated!

I would recommend trying either of these products, which both made a great treat. I predict that Teeccino will hit the spot perfectly whenever I find myself longing for coffee! My one qualm with the Teeccino is that one box only comes with 10 bags. Only TEN?! I know I'm going to be needing more soon!

Have you tried Teeccino, either as an alternative to coffee or just as a delicious drink?


  1. I love Teeccino! I actually get a large bag of it at my local co-op, and it's "loose-leaf", not in packets. It's a really good deal, and they have tons of flavors.

    Looking at Amazon, Teecchino apparently makes three different types - the packets in bags that you got, the "loose-leaf" bags that I get, and 16 oz. canisters which also contain "loose-leaf" Teecchino.

    1. Thanks for the information! I would see how the more bulk and "loose-leaf" variety would be more cost effective! I will definitely look into that!