Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Here!! It's time for VeganMofo!

In case you haven't heard already, September is the vegan month of food (or VeganMofo)!

What is VeganMofo? Well, it is a bunch of bloggers all blogging about delicious, and of course vegan, food for the month of September! If you want to find out more straight from the source, go here! You can also follow all of the blogs that are participating on the VeganMofo website to see more amazing vegan food. Are you excited?! I know I am!

To start I thought I would showcase some amazing cookies! Who doesn't love cookies?! Especially vegan cookies! These cookies are also gluten-free and can easily be made corn-free. I believe these could also be made soy-free if you bought the right chocolate chips.

I found the recipe for these cookies here, at Oh She Glows, one of my most favorite blogs!

These cookies are titled "Irresistible Chewy Trail Mix Cookies" which I think it just the perfect name! They include all the things I always love to see in a trail mix and are indeed irresistible! I was thankfully able to share these with my family, otherwise I would have easily made myself sick eating too many!

I always love to make modifications to recipes and so I of course made one here, namely replacing the sesame seeds with raisins. While this habit of mine has on multiple occasions led me to take my tray of food from the oven straight to the trash or to suffer through a terrible dish, this time it was a simple one and it worked out well, making a delicious cookie!

To make things simpler I also started out with pre-made almond and oat flour and due to my corn allergy I used a baking powder made with tapioca starch as opposed to corn starch. I found I actually had almost all of these ingredients on hand and only had to pick up a couple things, like coconut and chocolate chips.

I knew these cookies were good when my non-vegan family kept demanding more! Check them out for a truly delicious treat!

Today I am finishing out a family trip by staying in Portland, OR for one night before heading home to Seattle and I have multiple fun things planned, which I hope to share with you next time! Until then, have you seen this video yet? I think it's so awesome!

Happy Sunday, I can't wait to see what amazing food other bloggers are sharing over at VeganMofo!


  1. Funny I had my eye on those cookies too and just posted about another one of Angela's recipes. Happy Mofo! I'm another GF mofo'er.

    1. Happy Mofo yourself! This is my first time doing this and I am loving it so far!

      I love Angela's recipes, her blog has been the one I turn to since even before I went vegan (in fact her blog really helped me go vegan) and I have made a lot of her recipes for family events. Her stuff is always a hit with my non-vegan friends and family!

  2. I refuse to believe that people who don't like cookies exist and these look great. I'll be checking out the recipe because I have a new GF friend and I need to work out what I can bake for her!

    1. I hope your friend likes these! I was surprised by how easy they were to make even with the long ingredient list, so I'm sure they will be to die for!