Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Favorite Blogs Part Three: JL Goes Vegan

As VeganMofo comes to a close I wanted to fit in another shout out to one of my favorite blogs!

(Once again please note all the photos I share here originally came from JL's blogs and were not taken by me. You can right click each image to find its source)

JL Goes Vegan

JL is awesome, just awesome! I've mentioned her before when I reviewed Vegan for Her but before I read and loved that book, I was already following JL online.

I love JL's story and perspective. She went vegan post-forty and brings a really interesting and unique voice to the blogging world. She is also a really inspiring example of how to take your talents and skills and use them to help change the world for animals. Reading about her work has helped me consider how to use my own skills and career plans to do the same!

In terms of food, JL writes simple, practical, and delicious recipes! After browsing more of her recipes, I know I need to make some of them this fall. For example...

Cashew Cream Tofu

Mmmmmm, yummy yummy! I have a lot of recipes to make! 

JL has also been video blogging for VeganMofo and her videos have been a treat to watch! Some of my favorites are JL's Tofu Scrabble video, Vegan Breakfast Ideas video, and Be a Joyful Vegan Dinner Guest video.

And as if I didn't already have a ton of reasons to love JL's blog, she also has many insightful, and truly helpful posts not necessarily directly related to food. For example, her post on having an omnivore husband and her post about vegan perfectionism.

Finally, JL runs Stop Chasing Skinny, a blog to help readers "find happiness beyond the scale." I very much support the aim of this blog and have found personal support in the stories and news shared there. 

Well there you have it, a brief run down of another blog (and blogger) I love!

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