Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Love List Number Thirteen!

Happy Monday all!

I thought I would get back to an old tradition and write a Monday love list!

There's a lot to love out in the vegan blogosphere, all the Vegan Mofo-ing is producing some great stuff!

1. Raw, Vegan Blackberry Cheesecake Bars by Gena at Choosing Raw

YUM! Just the name of these makes it clear that these will be delicious!! You can find the recipe, and a ton of mouthwatering pictures here.

2. Thought provoking articles

Gena also posted a really great article yesterday titled "New Inquiries Into Eating Disorders and Obesity" which I found to be not only excellently written but also really interesting.

Having studied both eating disorders and issues of overweight and obesity in various classes I was aware of issues with prevention programs for one potentially having negative impacts on those susceptible to the other, but most of what I have read has been largely based on theories and speculation, so it was really interesting to learn about the study Gena references which looks specifically at the concurrence between eating disorders and overweight/obesity.

I also really enjoyed Gena's take on it and as always, Gena speaks beautifully. I would highly recommend giving it a read!

3. A new breakfast to make!

Just this morning I checked out Angela's newest recipe over at Oh She Glows for a Jumbo Chickpea Pancake. I love chickpeas and chickpea flour and plus the ingredients are super simple and it looks easy to make! I will definitely be making this soon!

4. Time for some R&R 

For most of this week my roommate and I are hanging out at her family's beach condo just off the beach at Seaside, OR and it has been amazing so far. I love having the time to just relax and do whatever I feel like. It is also just the perfect vacation to take with school looming in the very near future.

5. A trip to Herbivore (finally)

When my parents and I were stopping in Portland, OR on the last leg of our road trip last month we stopped at the Vegan Mini-mall with the intention of going to Herbivore Clothing Co. Unfortunately they had closed early as Labor Day was the following day and we did not get to go! We did have a great time stopping in Food Fight and Sweetpea Baking Co but I was left longing to get a look at some vegan clothing!

Thankfully, this need has now been met as on the way out to the beach yesterday we got to stop in! I got my hands on a "Compassion is Invincible" t-shirt as well as an "Only kale can save us now" tote bag with some pins and stickers thrown in for good measure! I could have bought a lot more, but I guess that's what the online store will be for in the future!

6. A new web series 

On this week's episode of Our Hen House, Mariann reviews the new Weather Channel web series Brink in which short videos (about 4-5 minutes) highlight different animals that are on the brink of extinction and efforts to help prevent this.

I watched the first one, on jaguars, last night and really enjoyed it. I was really surprised at how much they could fit into such a short video, but I found it really informative and easy to digest.

7. Getting to say goodbye to a vegetarian restaurant

In my parent's neighborhood the vegetarian restaurant, Carmelita, which has been there for over 17 years will be closing at the end of the month. I was lucky enough to visit there one last time with my parents this past week and had a wonderful meal.

While they do serve dairy and eggs here, many items are already vegan or have a vegan option and they also have a large selection of gluten-free meals to choose from, leaving me with many options to choose from! Here's what I went with this time around:

A Hermiston Watermelon Salad with radish, baby arugula, pistachios, balsamic reduction, and a lime-ginger vinaigrette.

For my main dish I had a delicious Summer Vegetable Terrine made with marinated eggplant, summer squash, heirloom tomatoes, squash pitsou, hazelnut agodulce, and greens. It was amazing!

Goodbye Camelita!

Well with that I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a lot of fun things planned for the upcoming week!

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