Friday, September 13, 2013

It's International Chocolate Day!

Apparently today is International Chocolate Day! I learned about this this morning when I checked out this post about vegan chocolates and I thought this would be a perfect time to share some of my favorite chocolate!

Theo Chocolate Bars

I love Theo chocolate, and what makes it even better is that it's made in Seattle! 

My favorite bars are the Salted Almond bar and the Cherry Almond bar. Both of these bars are certainly dark chocolate and have a nice, bitter chocolate after-taste. Sometimes this after-taste is a bit much for me but it is certainly high quality chocolate! These bars are also not overly sweet, which is always something I am sensitive too. 

I especially love these two flavors. The salt in the Salted Almond is not too strong and balances out the chocolate nicely. Alternatively the cherries in the Cherry Almond bar add a really nice chewy texture to the bar. I also find that with the added flavors the bitter after-taste is much reduced. Another thing that's nice about these bars is that they stick around for a long time since I can have a small piece and feel satisfied.

I've also toured the Theo factory here in Seattle and so knowing exactly how my bars are made is another plus!

A chocolate sculpture in the Theo factory

Endangered Species Chocolate

I love this chocolate! Not only do I love that this company donates 10% of their net profits to support species conservation, habitat preservation, and humanitarian efforts but it just tastes great! 

With a 72% cocoa content this is a great, basic chocolate that always satisfies me. Once again, like Theo chocolate, it isn't too sweet and leaves me with a nice after-taste. Forest Mint is my favorite flavor, and I love getting it in squares, a perfect serving size with much less temptation to eat the entire bar!

Sjaak's Chocolate

To me, this is the most decadent of the chocolates that I eat in any sort of regularity. I love that Sjaak's makes a variety of vegan milk chocolates, and I also love all their little "bites" and "hearts."

Today I got the Mint Mill and Lavender Heart, both of which I love. The Mint Mill has a tasty soft center and makes a great dessert! I also love the Lavender Heart and I don't find the lavender too overpowering, a problem I often have with lavender products. 

I also love their bars, especially their Dark Chocolate with Creamy Caramel bar. 

Having a corn allergy, caramel I can eat is hard for me to find, so when I first saw this bar, I was ecstatic! This bar is very rich and creamy and quite sweet. Thus, Sjaak's is a brand I only have on special occasions, when I'm really wanting a sweet treat.  

Well, there you have it, my favorite chocolates! Chocolate is definitely my dessert vice so I try not to keep too much of it around the apartment. However when a special occasion like International Chocolate Day comes around, who can resist?! Now I just need to find someone to share all of this chocolate with! 

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  1. I love those little sjaak's chocolates and almond & sea salt is my fave' flavour in a chocolate bar, yum!