Monday, September 30, 2013

Veganism, Bringing Joy to my Diet

Well, it's the last day of VeganMofo and this will be my 20th post. Yay! I did it! I must say this was a lot more work that I had expected it to be, but I really did enjoy being part of such a wonderful event and feel very accomplished in my work.

For my final post I thought I would talk about the amazing impact veganism has had on my life. Veganism has positively impacted essentially all parts of my life, but to wrap up the Vegan Month of Food, I thought I would specifically discuss how being vegan has impacted my diet and food.

As you may or may not know, I have multiple food allergies and intolerances which remained undiscovered for many many years and culminated in months of me being too sick to function, about which I go into detail in the "My Story" series.

Once I finally discovered what was making me sick, most notably my allergy to corn, I began the long process of recovery. While I was relieved to know what had been making me feel so terrible, this process was one that sucked a large amount of my time and energy and completely changed the day to day of my life. Whereas before I enjoyed eating and thought about food when I was hungry, now I needed to carefully inspect each product I purchased, quiz waiters and waitresses about dishes at restaurants, and bring my own food to gatherings with friends.

On top of this, while my health was certainly improving, it took a long time to reach a point of "health." The first fall and winter after discovering my allergies I was sick almost every week. I got the cold that was going around, then I felt I had a terrible sinus infection, then as soon as I recovered from that I would catch the newest cold or cough that all my classmates had, and would again be in urgent care with what I thought must be a sinus infection, being told it was not.

Additionally, I was still learning what exactly it meant to have a corn allergy. If you've looked at my Corn Allergy Resource page or looked at a list of ingredients that may contain corn, you likely know what I'm talking about. I didn't always know that dextrose, or glucose, or vegetable starch, meant there was corn in the product I was buying and I certainly didn't think to check the cough medicine, pain pills, or toothpaste I was using for these ingredients. All of this meant I continued to have reactions to corn, and while I was much less sick than I had been previously, when you are frequently confined to bed with a migraine, sinus headache, or cold, it's hard to think of yourself as healthy.

As I continued to treat my allergies and heal from the assault my body had been under for potentially my entire life, I began to have a negative view of food. There was so much I couldn't eat and such risk whenever I tried a new product, all encouraging me to stick with what I knew I could eat (or at least thought I could, as a lot of these foods turned out to actually contribute to my corn allergy). If I remember correctly some of my core staples included potato chips with salsa, ground turkey with mustard, goat cheese and rice crackers, chocolate, and lots and lots of coffee.

Fast forwarding a few months, I began to be more comfortable making food at home and found some blogs with recipes I could easily make (like Oh She Glows), I was more confident telling waiters and waitresses what I needed while dining out, and I was eating at least a slightly larger variety of foods. However, while I celebrated the little victories, such as finding a new product I could eat, food did not excite me or bring me joy. Instead I looked at it as a burden, something I always had to worry about and be afraid of, something that made me a troublesome and unwelcome dinner guest.

Fortunately all this changed when I went vegan. No longer was I saddened by my food. Instead I looked at it as a health promoting benefit to my life. No longer was I afraid to cook new recipes and try new things. Instead I was thrilled when I made a new recipe that I truly enjoyed. No longer did I rely on processed food. Instead I turned my gaze to whole plant foods, the ones with no complicated ingredient list, or any ingredient list at all. Once I could make a dish and not have to worry if that tomato or mushroom or pepper was full of secret corn ingredients, I could finally experience food to it's full potential, as a promoter of health and source of joy.

And since I originally started eating a vegan diet for health reasons, once I was aware and passionate about the ethical reasons to eat an animal free diet and actually "became vegan," my relationship with food only continued to improve. In additional to all the health and taste benefits I was experiencing with my new diet, now my food also had a more important purpose. No matter how terrible a failed experiment was, or bland a dish was at a restaurant, or how few types of hummus I could buy at the store, I knew that my food choices had a positive impact on the world. Now, not only did my food promote my own health instead of tear it down, but my food choices were working to promote a healthier environment and didn't cause harm to animals.

Now, while I still have to inspect ingredient lists, harass waiters, plan ahead when traveling, and bring my own food to gatherings, food brings me joy. My food and diet have a positive impact and a bigger purpose. They no longer weigh me down or hold me back but instead support me and provide meaning in my life. Ultimately, veganism has helped transform my diet from a source of stress to a cause for celebration, a celebration I have every time I take a bite.

There are many other ways that veganism has positively impacted my life, which I will share more of in the future, but that's it for VeganMofo! I really have enjoyed this experience both in terms of what it has pushed me to do and in terms of the amazing things I have seen from other bloggers.

For example, if you need another reason to love JL Fields (check out my shout out to her from yesterday) watch this awesome video she did for today! It was the perfect thing to wake up to this morning!

Happy Monday everyone, I'll be back soon!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Favorite Blogs Part Three: JL Goes Vegan

As VeganMofo comes to a close I wanted to fit in another shout out to one of my favorite blogs!

(Once again please note all the photos I share here originally came from JL's blogs and were not taken by me. You can right click each image to find its source)

JL Goes Vegan

JL is awesome, just awesome! I've mentioned her before when I reviewed Vegan for Her but before I read and loved that book, I was already following JL online.

I love JL's story and perspective. She went vegan post-forty and brings a really interesting and unique voice to the blogging world. She is also a really inspiring example of how to take your talents and skills and use them to help change the world for animals. Reading about her work has helped me consider how to use my own skills and career plans to do the same!

In terms of food, JL writes simple, practical, and delicious recipes! After browsing more of her recipes, I know I need to make some of them this fall. For example...

Cashew Cream Tofu

Mmmmmm, yummy yummy! I have a lot of recipes to make! 

JL has also been video blogging for VeganMofo and her videos have been a treat to watch! Some of my favorites are JL's Tofu Scrabble video, Vegan Breakfast Ideas video, and Be a Joyful Vegan Dinner Guest video.

And as if I didn't already have a ton of reasons to love JL's blog, she also has many insightful, and truly helpful posts not necessarily directly related to food. For example, her post on having an omnivore husband and her post about vegan perfectionism.

Finally, JL runs Stop Chasing Skinny, a blog to help readers "find happiness beyond the scale." I very much support the aim of this blog and have found personal support in the stories and news shared there. 

Well there you have it, a brief run down of another blog (and blogger) I love!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I ate Wednesday #3

Well it's another Wednesday, which means you get to see what I ate!

Once again I am sharing what I ate yesterday. I hope you enjoy!

Following my pattern for the last few weeks, for breakfast I downed a giant smoothie.

I made a green tea mango smoothie but this time I threw in a few handfuls of spinach! 

Mmm, good old veggies in the morning! 

Before lunch I enjoyed some Teeccino in my new travel mug!

My new Dutch Brothers travel mug is decorated with an "I <3 tea" sticker that I got this weekend at Remedy Teas which I visited for the first time with some friends! It was pretty great and they have 150 different teas there! I will definitely be going back for more. 

For lunch I made some roasted cauliflower which I enjoyed with tahini sauce along with some pasta in mushroom marinara with nutritional yeast and kalamata olives. 

Just like last week I also enjoyed some kombucha, this time having the superberry flavor of Brew Dr. Kombucha! I promise I don't have kombucha all the time, something about Tuesdays I guess!

And finally, for dinner I made the huge quinoa tabbouleh salad from the Forks Over Knives Cookbook which I also brought for lunch today, the first day of classes!

For dinner I enjoyed this salad in the form of lettuce wraps and I added some tahini, my current obsession, for good measure. 

Well there you have it! Another day's worth of food! I also had many cups of tea, which are not pictured, but you can bet I was drinking some all day! 

Happy Wednesday and start of fall! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Favorite Cooked Veggie: Roasted Cauliflower

I love raw veggies, but I also love having cooked veggies and my favorite is this roasted cauliflower. It's easy to make and super delicious!

Roasted Cauliflower 


  • 1 head cauliflower, cut into florets 
  • 1/2 yellow or white onion, diced
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 3 tbsp vinegar (I used red wine)
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Cut and prepare all veggies and mince garlic. Mix veggies with vinegar and add salt and pepper to taste. 

2. Roast in oven at 400 degrees until soft and starts to get crispy about 30-40 minutes. 

3. Serve and enjoy! 

My favorite way to enjoy this is with tahini sauce, although it tastes great by itself as well! 

Happy Tuesday! I hope you eat some great veggies today!

Monday, September 23, 2013

My Favorite Blogs Part Two: Choosing Raw

Happy Monday!

Today I thought I would add another installation to my posts about the blogs that I love! So I'm going to gush about Gena Hamshaw at Choosing Raw! So here we go! Favorite blog number two...

(Once again please note all the photos I share here originally came from Gena's blog and were not taken by me. You can right click each image to find its source)

Choosing Raw

I absolutely adore this blog. Not only does Gena share delicious recipes with stunning photos but she also writes beautifully and posts about more than just food. Here are some of my favorite things from her blog!

Gena is definitely the one that sparked my love of chia seeds and chia pudding. She has so many amazing recipes using chia seeds, such as: 


Gena also makes amazing salads. Her salads are what inspired me to play with kale and ultimately fall in love with it! Her beautiful salads always look amazing and inspire me to make a more interesting salad for my lunches. 

This drink definitely hits the spot. I have always loved mangoes and likely eat them every day. I also love a good mango lassi but most Indian restaurants don't serve vegan ones. And so I was thrilled to try this vegan version and have been making it often ever since. It is super easy to make and always turns out amazing! 


There are many many more amazing recipes by Gena which you should definitely peruse through if you are looking for something tasty to eat!

Another one of my favorite things about Gena's blog is how she goes into other issues, and doesn't just talk about food. 

She has a great section explaining veganism and raw foods. Another great section of her blog is the Green Recovery Series. Gena explains "Green Recovery is my attempt to highlight stories of the many men and women who have moved beyond disordered eating patterns (at least in part) with the help of a plant-based diet." I always find these posts extremely moving and meaningful and love to read them. 

Gena also talks about things such as GMO labeling, the links between eating disorders and obesity, and cases of fat shaming, and is on her way to becoming a doctor.  

All and all I always find Gena's posts insightful and inspiring and whether they inspire me to make a delicious, healthful meal or to ponder an important issue, they are always amazing to read!

Well there you have it, some of the many reasons why I love Gena's blog Choosing Raw!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Review: Chipotle Sofritas

Yesterday I had the chance to try out Chipotle Mexican Grill's new vegan addition, Sofritas!! I first heard about this new, tofu based option when it was reviewed on Our Hen House and I was excited to try it! 

I first of course had to figure out exactly what it was made of and if it had any corn or gluten ingredients. While the ingredients for this option are not listed on the online menu, when I emailed asking about the ingredients they happily provided them to me.

Sofritas are described as "shredded organic tofu braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos and a blend of aromatic spices" which actually pretty accurately describes the ingredients!

Here is the ingredient list I was provided:

Organic Tofu
Rice Bran Oil (for frying)
Green pepper
Tomato paste
Poblano peppers
Red wine vinegar
Kosher salt
Minced garlic
Ground toasted cumin
Dried oregano
Roasted Tomatoes

* Chipotle’s Adobo contains:
Black Pepper
Chipotle Chile (Dry Ground)
Rice Bran Oil

I tried the new Sofritas as a bowl with brown rice, black beans, fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, and lettuce and I thought it was great!

The Sofritas were relatively spicy so I was glad to have the guacamole to balance it out. It had a texture really reminiscent of a few soy chorizo crumbles I have had before, so very similar to ground beef or turkey (except totally animal free!).

I was also extremely happy that I did not have any adverse reactions after my meal, meaning all the ingredient lists I had been provided with were most likely accurate and certainly corn-free! So, not only did I have an easy and delicious meal but it was one free of allergic reactions. Sounds like a win to me!

I'm really happy to know there's a quick and tasty meal that I can enjoy at a really common restaurant chain, I'm sure I'll be eating more burrito bowls with Sofritas in the future!

Currently I think Sofritas are only available at West Coast Chipotle locations, however they will hopefully be everywhere soon!

Have you tried the new Sofritas yet? If so what did you think?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I ate Wednesday #2

Hello! I am back again with another What I ate Wednesday post, the first of which I published last Wednesday!

Today, I'm sharing with you what I ate yesterday, I hope you enjoy!

After getting up I wasn't feeling the need for a full breakfast right away so I instead enjoyed an apple and a cup of decaf green tea.

I later used some more of this green tea in my breakfast to make a green tea mango berry smoothie!

For lunch I had a large salad with a spicy mustard dressing along with a Cheezy Twice Baked Potato.

Yummy yummy!

Later in the afternoon I enjoyed a snack of Beanfields sea salt chips and WayFare's Hickory Cheddar Spread, my favorite vegan snack food!

I also had some delicious kombucha. I tried the cranberry flavor, a new one to me, and really enjoyed it!

For dinner I was feeling like doing some more snacking and more chips and cheddar spread sounded like the perfect thing! I forgot to snap a picture (although you already have a visual from above) but did get some of the roasted cauliflower I enjoyed afterwards! 

I enjoyed my cauliflower with some tahini sauce, one of my new favorite veggie dishes! 

Throughout the day I also enjoyed many cups of tea, my go to beverage when I'm wanting something a bit more interesting than water!

Well there you have it, my day's worth of food! I hope you all eat some tasty meals this Wednesday!

Cheezy Twice Baked Potato

The first night of my trip, my roommates' mom made me a delicious twice baked potato which inspired me to take my own crack at it!

Here's my version of a twice baked potato, cheezy style!

Cheezy Twice Baked Potato


  • Russet potato
  • 1/4 cup non-dairy milk (I used soy)
  • 1/4-1/2 cup chopped yellow/white onion
  • 2 TBSP nutritional yeast
  • salt and pepper to taste


1. Bake potato until fork tender. (I usually bake mine in the microwave by poking fork holes and heating for 8-10 minutes)
2. Cut baked potato in half and scoop out insides into a bowl, making sure to save the skins in their original shape. 
3. Mix potato insides with non-dairy milk, onion, and nutritional yeast, adding salt and pepper until you get your desired taste. (You definitely want to add the salt and pepper, I'm sure other seasonings would be great too)

4. Bake in oven at 400 degrees until nice and hot, about 10-15 minutes. (I baked mine wrapped in tin foil)

5. Enjoy!

Yummy yummy! I can already tell I'll be making this a lot in the coming months! 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Love List Number Thirteen!

Happy Monday all!

I thought I would get back to an old tradition and write a Monday love list!

There's a lot to love out in the vegan blogosphere, all the Vegan Mofo-ing is producing some great stuff!

1. Raw, Vegan Blackberry Cheesecake Bars by Gena at Choosing Raw

YUM! Just the name of these makes it clear that these will be delicious!! You can find the recipe, and a ton of mouthwatering pictures here.

2. Thought provoking articles

Gena also posted a really great article yesterday titled "New Inquiries Into Eating Disorders and Obesity" which I found to be not only excellently written but also really interesting.

Having studied both eating disorders and issues of overweight and obesity in various classes I was aware of issues with prevention programs for one potentially having negative impacts on those susceptible to the other, but most of what I have read has been largely based on theories and speculation, so it was really interesting to learn about the study Gena references which looks specifically at the concurrence between eating disorders and overweight/obesity.

I also really enjoyed Gena's take on it and as always, Gena speaks beautifully. I would highly recommend giving it a read!

3. A new breakfast to make!

Just this morning I checked out Angela's newest recipe over at Oh She Glows for a Jumbo Chickpea Pancake. I love chickpeas and chickpea flour and plus the ingredients are super simple and it looks easy to make! I will definitely be making this soon!

4. Time for some R&R 

For most of this week my roommate and I are hanging out at her family's beach condo just off the beach at Seaside, OR and it has been amazing so far. I love having the time to just relax and do whatever I feel like. It is also just the perfect vacation to take with school looming in the very near future.

5. A trip to Herbivore (finally)

When my parents and I were stopping in Portland, OR on the last leg of our road trip last month we stopped at the Vegan Mini-mall with the intention of going to Herbivore Clothing Co. Unfortunately they had closed early as Labor Day was the following day and we did not get to go! We did have a great time stopping in Food Fight and Sweetpea Baking Co but I was left longing to get a look at some vegan clothing!

Thankfully, this need has now been met as on the way out to the beach yesterday we got to stop in! I got my hands on a "Compassion is Invincible" t-shirt as well as an "Only kale can save us now" tote bag with some pins and stickers thrown in for good measure! I could have bought a lot more, but I guess that's what the online store will be for in the future!

6. A new web series 

On this week's episode of Our Hen House, Mariann reviews the new Weather Channel web series Brink in which short videos (about 4-5 minutes) highlight different animals that are on the brink of extinction and efforts to help prevent this.

I watched the first one, on jaguars, last night and really enjoyed it. I was really surprised at how much they could fit into such a short video, but I found it really informative and easy to digest.

7. Getting to say goodbye to a vegetarian restaurant

In my parent's neighborhood the vegetarian restaurant, Carmelita, which has been there for over 17 years will be closing at the end of the month. I was lucky enough to visit there one last time with my parents this past week and had a wonderful meal.

While they do serve dairy and eggs here, many items are already vegan or have a vegan option and they also have a large selection of gluten-free meals to choose from, leaving me with many options to choose from! Here's what I went with this time around:

A Hermiston Watermelon Salad with radish, baby arugula, pistachios, balsamic reduction, and a lime-ginger vinaigrette.

For my main dish I had a delicious Summer Vegetable Terrine made with marinated eggplant, summer squash, heirloom tomatoes, squash pitsou, hazelnut agodulce, and greens. It was amazing!

Goodbye Camelita!

Well with that I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a lot of fun things planned for the upcoming week!

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's International Chocolate Day!

Apparently today is International Chocolate Day! I learned about this this morning when I checked out this post about vegan chocolates and I thought this would be a perfect time to share some of my favorite chocolate!

Theo Chocolate Bars

I love Theo chocolate, and what makes it even better is that it's made in Seattle! 

My favorite bars are the Salted Almond bar and the Cherry Almond bar. Both of these bars are certainly dark chocolate and have a nice, bitter chocolate after-taste. Sometimes this after-taste is a bit much for me but it is certainly high quality chocolate! These bars are also not overly sweet, which is always something I am sensitive too. 

I especially love these two flavors. The salt in the Salted Almond is not too strong and balances out the chocolate nicely. Alternatively the cherries in the Cherry Almond bar add a really nice chewy texture to the bar. I also find that with the added flavors the bitter after-taste is much reduced. Another thing that's nice about these bars is that they stick around for a long time since I can have a small piece and feel satisfied.

I've also toured the Theo factory here in Seattle and so knowing exactly how my bars are made is another plus!

A chocolate sculpture in the Theo factory

Endangered Species Chocolate

I love this chocolate! Not only do I love that this company donates 10% of their net profits to support species conservation, habitat preservation, and humanitarian efforts but it just tastes great! 

With a 72% cocoa content this is a great, basic chocolate that always satisfies me. Once again, like Theo chocolate, it isn't too sweet and leaves me with a nice after-taste. Forest Mint is my favorite flavor, and I love getting it in squares, a perfect serving size with much less temptation to eat the entire bar!

Sjaak's Chocolate

To me, this is the most decadent of the chocolates that I eat in any sort of regularity. I love that Sjaak's makes a variety of vegan milk chocolates, and I also love all their little "bites" and "hearts."

Today I got the Mint Mill and Lavender Heart, both of which I love. The Mint Mill has a tasty soft center and makes a great dessert! I also love the Lavender Heart and I don't find the lavender too overpowering, a problem I often have with lavender products. 

I also love their bars, especially their Dark Chocolate with Creamy Caramel bar. 

Having a corn allergy, caramel I can eat is hard for me to find, so when I first saw this bar, I was ecstatic! This bar is very rich and creamy and quite sweet. Thus, Sjaak's is a brand I only have on special occasions, when I'm really wanting a sweet treat.  

Well, there you have it, my favorite chocolates! Chocolate is definitely my dessert vice so I try not to keep too much of it around the apartment. However when a special occasion like International Chocolate Day comes around, who can resist?! Now I just need to find someone to share all of this chocolate with! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Review: Vegan for Her

Today I thought I would write another review, this time for the book Vegan for Her by Virginia (Ginny) Messina, MPH, RD with JL Fields. Ginny can be found online at the Vegan RD and JL can be found both at JL Goes Vegan and Stop Chasing Skinny.

When I first heard that Vegan for Her was coming out I was instantly excited. I am always doing more research about veganism (in terms of heath, the animals, and the environment) but I normally do so through internet resources or through books I check out from the library. This allows me to only add the best books and the ones that speak to me the most to my personal collection. However, with this book I knew I wanted to own it right away! Having followed both Ginny and JL online for quite some time, I knew I appreciated and valued their perspective and expertise, so I knew it would be a hit!

My instincts did not lead me wrong and I really loved reading Vegan for Her and have been referencing it since. One thing I really appreciate about this book is Ginny's focus on high quality scientific research. Ginny even goes into detail about the studies she views as quality research and therefore focuses on in the book. She says "In this book, I've tried to emphasize findings from the most robust and scientifically credible studies and to build recommendations around evidence that has the most solid support" (pg. 51). This means that most of the information used by Ginny comes from intervention, or clinical, studies and prospective observational studies. This is something the Psychology major in me very much appreciates. I have been told so many times throughout my undergraduate education (and rightfully so) "correlation does not equal causation" and so the research Ginny uses is just my type of research!

I also really liked the layout of this book. Part one talks about "Going Vegan" and covered the basics of a balanced vegan diet. Next, part two talks about "Healthy Eating for all the Times of a Woman's Life" in which specific topics, such as diet and hormones, fertility, and athleticism are discussed. "Lifelong Health for Vegan Women" is the topic of part three which includes topics such as preventing breast cancer, eating for strong bones, and fighting pain. The layout of this book makes it easy to find research and recommendations about a specific topic you are interested in or concerned about. Conversely, it allows you to skip the topics that may not be as much of a concern for you. This layout has also been very helpful after reading through the whole book because if I want to go back and re-read a certain section, say on diet and hormones, I know exactly where to go.

Some of my favorite chapters in Vegan for Her were "Health and Happiness Beyond the Scale," "Feeling Good: Managing Stress and Depression," and "Veganism Beyond the Plate" which was written by JL.

In "Health and Happiness Beyond the Scale" Ginny talks about maintaining and obtaining a healthy weight and tools for healthy weight loss when necessary but also discusses the issues with repeated failed attempts of losing weight and how it can be more healthful to maintain a slightly higher weight than may be ideal while eating a healthy diet. She also discusses the idea that being vegan automatically means you will lose weight and be thin and how in actuality, this is not necessarily the case. I very much enjoyed this section, as I have found this to be a common idea perpetuated online about the vegan diet. My favorite part of this chapter reads:

"Many, many women struggle with their weight. A vegan diet may help some women lose weight, but it's not a foolproof weight control program. However, without a doubt, eating more plant foods can improve your health at any weight. And, a vegan diet always delivers on its most important promises. It is guaranteed to make your diet more respectful and compassionate. Whether or not you can be thin, you can always choose to make the way you eat matter to yourself, to animals, and to the world" (pg. 132).

In "Feeling Good: Managing Stress and Depression" Ginny talks about things like potential supplements to help mood, tips for coping with stress, anxiety, and depression, how to keep your diet from causing undo stress, and my favorite section about when being vegan can cause stress. I found this last section extremely helpful and it is one I am sure I will turn back to in the future.

In JL's chapter, "Veganism Beyond the Plate" she talks about taking your veganism farther than your diet. I especially found her section on vegan clothing and cosmetics helpful and loved all her ideas about how to volunteer to make more of a difference for animals.

The last section of this book, part four, contains recipes crafted by JL and while I must admit I have yet to take a crack at any, I certainly need to! The many recipes that JL has crafted look simple and practical and having seen the food she shares on her blog I'm sure everything is delicious!

One additional benefit connected to this book are the forums available online. I have also personally used these and have been helped tremendously. If you have any questions or want to connect to other vegans, you should definitely check it out!

So there you have it! I'm sure you can tell I loved Vegan for Her! I would highly recommend it to any female vegans who have specific concerns or would just like more general information! I also found that this book provided me with a lot of new information, even though I have done a lot of prior research on the topic, and I am glad to have such a well written and informative resource to turn to!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Glimpse at My Food!

Today I thought I would participate in "What I ate Wednesday" where bloggers post what they ate throughout the day (or the preceding day). I got this idea when I read a post this morning by Carrie at Carrie on Vegan. So here we go!

This morning I started out with some Teeccino and a mango berry smoothie!

This is the Mocha variety, apparently when you brew the regular, barley containing variety of Teeccino, it is actually gluten-free. Awesome!

Here in Seattle, our Septembers are normally when we have the hottest weather and this September is no exception! Today temperatures reached over 90 degrees (I believe 93) and so when the heat drove me out of my third floor apartment, I enjoyed lunch outside! 

For my impromptu picnic today I enjoyed a baked potato and a nice salad! Delicious!

A baked potato with organic ketchup, Dijon mustard, green onions, and Himalayan pink salt.

Today my salad featured romaine, spinach, green cabbage, broccoli slaw, cucumber slices, and white beans topped with flax oil and a tahini-nutritional yeast dressing. 

Before having lunch I also visited my University's bookstore and lo and behold found that they carry bags and wallets by Big Buddha! Earlier this week I just got my first Big Buddha bag and so I thought I would get a wallet to match! I'm just so pleased!


I had a great afternoon hanging out outside with my picnic and new Big Budda bag and wallet and also had a chance to debut my new Our Hen House tote bag!

Onto dinner! I currently have the Forks Over Knives Cookbook out from the library so today I tried the recipe for Penne with Tomato "Alfredo" Sauce and it was pretty good! I added some kale for a little leafy green kick and had a great dinner! 

I love me some pasta!

I may also enjoy some form of dessert later this evening, perhaps some tea and fruit, but I wanted to get this published before it got way too late!

Well, with that I have a pile of dishes to do! I enjoyed documenting my food and think I may continue participating in "What I ate Wednesday!"

Happy Wednesday!