Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Love List Number Eight!

Happy Monday my friends!

I had a very busy week last week so unfortunately I have less to share with you, but there's always something to love right?!

1. Yum Universe test drive

If you may remember, a few weeks ago I mentioned I had purchased a bundle of ebooks. This was one of those ebooks and I loved trying it out! It included a shopping list with five days of meal plans.

I actually had tried out a different meal plan the week before, which was not my favorite, but this one I really enjoyed!

This may not be something I would recommend to everyone, as it is a bit complex, but for someone who has been cooking and preparing vegan, plant-based foods for over a year it was enjoyable and had me trying some things I've never done before. Most notably was the soaking and sprouting that I tried. This included soaking grains and beans and sprouting lentils. I always love sprouts on salads and now I know how to make my own at home! Hooray!

As I had a busy week, taking photos was not on the forefront on my mind, but I did get some pictures of a couple dishes I made this week!

Taco salad before dressing with salsa verde
Post mixing and after eating a few bites, I couldn't resit
Kale and creamy millet salad
I had never made millet before and it was pretty awesome! It was overall a very tasty week. I will definitely be making many of these recipes again! Both of these recipes are available online, here and here

2. Feeling like a real adult

This week Morgan and I replaced our old (and broken) bed frame and got a new one with a headboard! We also got new, amazing, sheets in the mail so we have been living in luxury, and like real adults, this week! Having a headboard has been especially nice since previously not having one before always resulted in our pillows falling into the window behind our bed, no fun! 

All and all a very adult and comfortable development!

3. Over halfway done with summer quarter

I am really drawing on blanks this week my friends, I think because my week was so filled with school work. So, along those lines, I am very excited to be on week six of eight of summer quarter, almost there! It's been a lot of work, but it has also added an element of accomplishment to my summer that most in the past have been lacking. Again, making me feel like a real adult! Nothing wrong with that right?!

Alright, not much going on here, so how about a clip of surprised kitty? I always love watching that! 

I hope you all have had a wonderful Monday and I hope to have more time to do cool things and take some cool pictures this week!

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