Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Love List Number Nine!

Hi all! It's love list time!

After a rough morning of many difficulties going from a dead asleep to a functioning human, today has turned into a relatively productive Monday! While Mondays always seem to go by very quickly with not too much getting done, there are always things to love!

1. Books!

And a whole lot of them! For me summer has always been a time to read read read and this summer, despite me also taking classes, has been no exception. As you can see most of these are from the library, a wonderful resource I do my best to utilize, which does however sometimes makes it difficult to actually get through all of my books! In fact just today I had to return two books that I would have loved to hold onto just a little longer. But, there is always another book to pick up (or two or three...).

2. Raw chocolate

Last week I purchased Go Raw's mint chocolate and man, I may have to just say this is the best chocolate bar I've ever had!

This chocolate, which actually came in six individually wrapped squares, was very reminiscent of Ghirardelli chocolate squares except even better (and vegan). These were quite pricey, but something I thought was well worth it! 

3. I joined "the flock"

As someone who has been vegan for over a year now and has settled into the ways of vegan eating with very little trouble, I have been interested in exploring the broader implications of eating the way I do and living as a vegan. 

Along this journey I have been trying to move all my purchases, especially those non-food related, away from those involving animals to come more in line with my dietary choices. While I think it is relatively easy to eat a vegan diet and know if what I am eating contains animals products, the content and production processes of other products is much less transparent. These desires led me to the wonderful organization Our Hen House, which is a nonprofit aimed to "change the world for animals" through inspiring, humorous, and thought-provoking multimedia resources such as podcasts and their online magazine. 

This resource and the wealth of information I have been finding has been so inspiring and helpful, and as it is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization I decided to give back and become a donor! Through becoming a donor and thus joining "the flock,"  I also received a couple awesome gifts, namely the documentary Vegucated and the book Defiant Daughters

I have actually already seen Vegucated, a wonderful and interesting film, and am excited to start Defiant Daughters! If you are vegan and looking for a great resource, I highly recommend checking out Our Hen House, their podcasts have made my bus ride to school extremely enjoyable! 

(To all my non-vegans out there, since I know that most reading this are likely not vegan, I encourage you to check this out as well, although I may recommend other resources if you are interested in learning more about veganism, as this may not be the best jumping off point. For example, come watch Vegucated with me or check it out through the many online ways of accessing it!)

4. Vegetable art

At the farmer's market this weekend, where I again bought a bountiful amount of kale, there was an awesome sculpture made out of beans! It was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the market and was made of beans, foam, and chicken wire. Check it out!

5. New shoes

As a birthday gift I received a Nordstrom gift card, helping me buy a beautiful new pair of shoes!

These will surely become a staple in my footwear collection as my other pair of keds are worn close to daily! I also plan on picking up a couple more pairs of colorful laces, because why not?!

6. Stubborn-ness 

While I have never considered myself a stubborn person (although who knows, this may be a vice hidden to me!), I am apparently quite stubborn when it comes to buying plants. I have bought and killed, both through under and over watering, many many plants, and yet they always call out to me when I see them at the store! And when I saw these I just couldn't resist.

I have always had a weakness for gerbera daisies and they are!

Alright! That's a lot of love for the day!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Monday and have a lot to love as well!

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