Friday, August 16, 2013

New Resource Pages!

Hello hello!

Last night, as I was running on chocolate, very little sleep, and some black tea, I wrote up some resource pages!

The vegan resource page is mostly a list of links that I have found helpful or think would be helpful for new (and seasoned) vegans or those interested in veganism. There is a ton of information out there on veganism and it was quite inspiring to compile this list. It really showed me how much there really is. I of course did not include everything that may be helpful, but many sites lead to other sites which leads to even more information! This is how I've built up the network of blogs I adore. Once you find one you like, it opens doors to similar blogs and before you know it you don't know where to start! (This is my situation currently, I would say a good half of all the email I receive is updates about new posts on blogs I love, not something I have a problem with!).

Next I wanted to create a page for managing corn allergies. Unlike veganism, there is a scant amount of easily available or truly helpful information on corn allergies. This page consists of a few links but mostly a compilation of the things I have learned through managing my own allergy that I think will be most helpful to others. A lot of these tips can apply to any allergy, although some are a bit more specific to the challenges faced by the avoidance of corn. While I have learned to deal with my corn allergy much through trial and error, I hope that by providing these suggestions, I can make things a little bit easier for someone else.

This also got me thinking about my dream career path (something I am still formulating in my head) and about how I want to be able to help people dealing issues like these and provide them with some support so they don't have to do it all alone. While it is each individual person that needs to determine for themselves the food or foods their body cannot, or should not, tolerate, this does not mean that it needs to be a lone battle. If I had access to professionals who could actually help me when I first learned of my allergies, I think I would have come to a healthy and happy place much sooner, and with a lot fewer missteps. So, while the specifics of my ideal future remain fuzzy, it is great to know that this is one service I want to provide!

I hope that these resource pages will provide some support to those that find them and make their journey a little easier. I would love to hear any more resources or suggestions I have not included in those lists that you think are important and could be helpful! I would also be interested to know how other people suffering with corn allergies have learned to manage them and how their techniques differ from my own.

Also, veggies anyone?!

Happy Friday!

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