Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Love List Number Ten!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was full of a lot of self-reflection, work, and ultimately a new found understanding of myself. For more on that, please see my post from last night, if you haven't already.

Well, let's get right into it! Here are some thing's I am loving this week!

1. Thunderstorms

Late Friday night we had a giant thunderstorm. Lots of rain, lightening, and of course thunder. I have always liked thunderstorms, especially those that happen in the summer. This thunderstorm was even more appreciated because it matched my mood at that moment and was just what I needed.

Check out this awesome picture and video from the storm!

2. The final push

This week is the very final week of summer quarter! I have two finals and a few very demanding days ahead but by Thursday afternoon I will be done with the quarter! While it has certainly been a lot of work I am overall very happy that I decided to take classes this summer. I have been able to feel productive and as though I am doing something meaningful with my time and very soon I will be able to enjoy the almost six weeks I have off!

During that time I will doing a good amount of traveling, something I am looking forward to, but will still have plenty of time to get in some rest and relaxation. I can't wait!

3. Corn...a common allergen?! 

While I'm never happy to hear about the growing number of people experiencing food allergies or intolerances, recently there has been an explosion of mentions of corn as a common allergen. When I first learned I had a corn allergy I had never heard of anyone else experiencing this allergy and there were, and really still are, very few resources out there to help me determine what contains corn and what doesn't. As a result it took me a very long time to determine what is really safe for me to eat and use and what isn't, something I still have to think about. 

However, if corn is finally recognized officially as an allergen and is identified as something many people are dealing with, my life will be exponentially easier. I can just picture it, more products saying "corn-free" or even just corn being added to the list at the bottom of the ingredient list stating the common allergens in the product. 

While these would be small changes, sometimes small changes can make a big difference and lead to even bigger changes. That's my hope at least, in regards to allergy labeling and awareness as well as many other issues I care about. 

4. Vegan MoFo

This weekend I signed up to participate in the "Vegan Month of Food" or Vegan MoFo. This means during the month of September I will be blogging as often as possible, at least 20 times but hopefully every day, about vegan food and all the wonder it has to offer! 

I look forward to this challenge and to seeing what other bloggers post about!

5. Friends coming home!

Last but not least my roommate and best friend returned from her travel in Africa this summer! While she wont be back as my roommate until September she was able to visit for part of the weekend and I had a great time catching up and spending some time with her!

Alright, I'll be back soon, but for now I hope that everyone has a good week!

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